A colorful roadtrip all over Cuba – 10 places in 18 days

My Cuban roadtrip hasn’t even started yet, when the first problems already appeared. Who would have thought it is that complicated to rent a car? But with that first challenge mastered I was looking forward to an intriguing ride over the Caribbean island to see it’s broad spectrum and beauty. What followed were 18 days and 3,000 km of adventure, nearly no internet access, coping with the permanent shortage of everything, the indifferent road conditions and even a a visit at the local police station after an attempted fraud – but also highly enjoyable nature, beautiful pastel colored towns, beaches with turquoise water, interesting historic insights, hospitable locals and quiet a few Mojito’s! Cuba is absolutely worth a trip but be prepared for a country incomparable to other places in the world and an adventure that I would call the ‘charming challenge of improvisation’.

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Exploring Germany: Soul Detox in Kühlungsborn


One night at the baltic sea, in a small town called Kühlungsborn: A trip as short as a Snapchat story – but quiet contrary to the brief lifespan of those digital moments the real life impressions from this little getaway last way longer than 24 hours. Waaaaay longer. They will persist in my revitalized mind and my cured heart… because quality time has no expiry date.

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In love with Pai


As much as I love traveling around – I honestly have some difficulties with certain vehicles… boats are for example always a challenge – and so are the minivans in Thailand! Therefor it was quiet a tough journey to reach Pai – this tiny, charming town in northern Thailand. But why did I still fell in love with that place and why is it absolutely worth a visit?

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Liebster Award: 10 questions


Normally I ignore every chain letter / chain e-mail / chain text etc. You know… those letters that promise a million dollar price if you forward it or those texts that threaten you will have bad luck if you break the chain… all bullshit. That’s why I love breaking the chain. And normally I wouldn’t reply to chain blogging either, but somehow I found it really sweet to get nominated by Sam from beachyhappiness for the ‘Liebster Award’ and this is kind of different as the idea of this system – to discover new blogs – is a really nice thing. So THANK YOU SAM for the award and your questions – here we go…  Continue reading “Liebster Award: 10 questions”

It’s warm and sunny in Australia, they said…


Jetzt bin ich schon 7 Wochen in Melbourne und noch immer “kämpfen” wir hier mit Wolken, Nieselregen und 10Grad… jaja, kältester Winter seit 20 Jahren, ich weiß – und vermutlich auch noch der längste. Ich will ja gar nicht jammern aber SO stellt man sich Australien wahrlich nicht vor…
Now I am already 7 weeks in Melbourne and we are still ‘struggling’ with clouds, rain and 10 degrees… yeah, I know, coldest winter for 20 year – and probably also the longest one. I really don’t wanna complain, but THIS is frankly not how I imagined Australia to be…

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Abenteuer Auslandssemester Australien

Der Countdown läuft. Heute in genau einem Monat beginnt ein neues Kapitel in meinem Leben: ein Auslandsemester bei den Aussies mit anschließendem Trip durch Süd-Ost-Asien! 

Auch wenn die Freude auf das anstehende Abenteuer überwiegt, kann die Vorbereitung von 8 Monaten im Ausland doch ganz schön aufwendig sein… man muss das Bewerbungsverfahren für den Studienplatz durchlaufen (bei Direktaustausch teilweise noch aufwendiger als bei Erasmus), sich durch den Bürokratie-Dschungel der heimischen und ausländischen Universität kämpfen, die Reise vorbereiten und eine Zwischenlösung für das WG-Zimmer hier finden. Bisher konnte ich schon Folgendes abhaken:
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