LAOS Pt. 4: Relaxation on 4000 Islands

4000 Islands is the area in the south of Laos right at the border to Cambodia, where the Mekong river is about 14km wide and you can stay on one of the many islands on the river. The perfect place to do nothing but lie in a hammock, swim, chill and enjoy the silence. Unagitated and beautiful. Plus there are even dolphins!

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Already 2 months in Oz – am I satisfied? // Dear Diary


What did I do in the past two months that I am in Melbourne already? I tend to say “not much”, but actually that’s not true. That’s just my always-driven, over-ambitious inner-me speaking. I always fear I am not experiencing enough… is that stupid?

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Oh how time flies // Diary


Heute ist es mal wieder Zeit für einen Tagebuch-Post – kein City-Guide oder ultimativer 10-Punkte-Plan… nur ein paar Einblicke in meinen Kopf und mein Leben. Ein Zustandsbericht und ein Gedankenspiel…
Today I wanted to post some thoughts… no tipps or city-guide… just some insights in my head and my life. A status report and a mind game…

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