Hometown Glory: Memories and Discoveries


When somebody asks me where I’m originally from in Germany, I often hesitate to answer frankly… too many prejudices and negative stereotypes come with it. Many make fun of the accent, claim the people there from are narrow-minded and criticize (actually not unjustified) the political movements going on there. Nevertheless it’s the place where I grew up, where I had a great childhood, where I went to school and where I got shaped. A place I will always have a connection to. Because it’s home.

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Carnival in Berlin

Karneval der Kulturen – colorful crowd gads around in Berlin Kreuzberg

There’s always carnival in Berlin… at least that’s what people say (yeah, quoting Taylor Swift here). And they’re not too wrong: Berlin is loud, colorful (exept on those aweful rainy November days – they don’t count) and there is ALWAYS a party going on somewhere. Just like carnival in Rio or Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But once a year over the Whitsunday Weekend the city turns into a real and foremost multicultural carnival: it’s “Karneval der Kulturen”.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Girly Travelers


As I am traveling right now myself, I experience how important it is, to not carry thousands of unnecessary, heavy items around all the time. But nevertheless, there are always things that make a travelers life easier or just happier – so if you have a friend with itchy feet and no christmas present yet… here are some inspirations.

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First time on Bali – is it the paradise I imagined?


Bali was always in my head as the incarnation of paradise – so even before I moved to Melbourne for my semester abroad I knew I wanted to go there while I’m in the southern hemisphere. As soon as I knew the dates for mid-semester break from uni I booked a flight and started to be very exited. But my joy about the upcoming vacation was a bit dampened… suddenly a lot of people started to run down Bali as uber-touristy party place (especially popular with Aussies) and they kept on telling me that Bali is overrated, overcrowded and artificial – generally not as nice as other places in Indonsia or Southeast-Asia… Continue reading “First time on Bali – is it the paradise I imagined?”

Liebster Award: 10 questions


Normally I ignore every chain letter / chain e-mail / chain text etc. You know… those letters that promise a million dollar price if you forward it or those texts that threaten you will have bad luck if you break the chain… all bullshit. That’s why I love breaking the chain. And normally I wouldn’t reply to chain blogging either, but somehow I found it really sweet to get nominated by Sam from beachyhappiness for the ‘Liebster Award’ and this is kind of different as the idea of this system – to discover new blogs – is a really nice thing. So THANK YOU SAM for the award and your questions – here we go…  Continue reading “Liebster Award: 10 questions”

Already 2 months in Oz – am I satisfied? // Dear Diary


What did I do in the past two months that I am in Melbourne already? I tend to say “not much”, but actually that’s not true. That’s just my always-driven, over-ambitious inner-me speaking. I always fear I am not experiencing enough… is that stupid?

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