Clipboard Calendar 2017 *Free Download*


The countdown is on: only 7 days till 2017!! Another year of new travels, new experiences new encounters and new challenges is right ahead of us. Did you make plans already? Or do you prefer a fresh start into a year full of surprises?

Either way, as time flies it’s quiet handy to keep track of the months, weeks and days. Therefor I have a little pre-Christmas gift for you: a free PDF clipboard calendar for 2017! It looks pretty nice on your desk, but also on a shelf in the kitchen or the living room. So click on the download link and start 2017 organized af…


I love the simplicity and rough beauty of those clipboard calendars so I wanted to do one for myself. I put some time and love in it and now that it’s finished I thought I could also share it with all of you. Because Christmas. And shareconomy. And love.

Each month comes with a different inspiring quote – a subtle reminder (or kick in the arse) to go traveling more and enhance the process of self-discovery. Twenty Seventeen is the time to do it. To see the world and seek adventures. Because why not?


It’s easy as 1-2-3: Just click on the link below and DOWNLOAD PDF – PRINT – CLIP IT – ENJOY 2017!



TRAVEL TRIVIA: 10 things about LAOS that might surprise you

While Thailand, Bali and Vietnam are on everyones Southeast Asia bucket list, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic – better known as Laos – still often escapes traveler’s notice. Unjustly! Laos is such a multifaceted country with astonishing mountains and waterfalls, the best baguettes outside France, interesting and smart locals, a fondness for our beloved TV-series “Friends” and the smell of adventure everywhere you go. You just should never get into a situation where you need medical treatment…  Continue reading “TRAVEL TRIVIA: 10 things about LAOS that might surprise you”

LAOS Pt. 4: Relaxation on 4000 Islands

4000 Islands is the area in the south of Laos right at the border to Cambodia, where the Mekong river is about 14km wide and you can stay on one of the many islands on the river. The perfect place to do nothing but lie in a hammock, swim, chill and enjoy the silence. Unagitated and beautiful. Plus there are even dolphins!

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