Exploring Germany: Soul Detox in Kühlungsborn


One night at the baltic sea, in a small town called Kühlungsborn: A trip as short as a Snapchat story – but quiet contrary to the brief lifespan of those digital moments the real life impressions from this little getaway last way longer than 24 hours. Waaaaay longer. They will persist in my revitalized mind and my cured heart… because quality time has no expiry date.

Friday, 2pm: Three friends from Berlin arrive at the baltic sea. Enjoy a good meal. Have a nice little walk next to the rough sea in the rain. Get cosy in their rented apartment. Go back to the beach for sunset. Cook together. Eat, drink, talk, laugh, play cards, fall asleep. Have a splendid breakfast the next morning. Drink coffee near the sea. Stroll along the beach and enjoy the sun. Saturday, 2pm: They contently jump back into the bus to Berlin.


The German coastline is not particularly a caribbean beach but the sea has such a magical and powerful radiance which casts a spell over you immediately. Walking along the lonesome beach barefooted but with a cosy knitted sweater is one of the best feelings in the world. I love being close to the water that is so pure and rough at the same time. I love taking a deep breath of the cold air that is so crisp and clear. It’s like all the negativity gets blown away and your thoughts and feelings get back into balance. It’s like spending a cloudy day at the baltic sea is like a free soul detox.


Why have I not been at the baltic sea in the last 15 years?! And why do we not do spontaneous little soul trips more often? There are no good excuses because here is always a cheap bus or train going somewhere. And we do not even have to go far away to break out of our busy and hectic daily routine. Sometimes all you need is some friends and 24 hours. Let’s all try to do more mini-vacations. Our heart, mind and soul will thank us later.


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