In love with Pai


As much as I love traveling around – I honestly have some difficulties with certain vehicles… boats are for example always a challenge – and so are the minivans in Thailand! Therefor it was quiet a tough journey to reach Pai – this tiny, charming town in northern Thailand. But why did I still fell in love with that place and why is it absolutely worth a visit?

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Hometown Glory: Memories and Discoveries


When somebody asks me where I’m originally from in Germany, I often hesitate to answer frankly… too many prejudices and negative stereotypes come with it. Many make fun of the accent, claim the people there from are narrow-minded and criticize (actually not unjustified) the political movements going on there. Nevertheless it’s the place where I grew up, where I had a great childhood, where I went to school and where I got shaped. A place I will always have a connection to. Because it’s home.

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