Christmas Gift Guide for Girly Travelers


As I am traveling right now myself, I experience how important it is, to not carry thousands of unnecessary, heavy items around all the time. But nevertheless, there are always things that make a travelers life easier or just happier – so if you have a friend with itchy feet and no christmas present yet… here are some inspirations.

  1. Backpack
    If Backpacker or Flashpacker – every Traveler needs a convenient piece of handluggage which doesn’t destroy your back and can store your important personal belongings. Frankly some prefer a very practical hiking day-backpack, but I like the combination of fashionable and handy while traveling // Fjällräven
  2. Portable Speakers
    If picknick at the beach, a roadtrip without radio reception or a spontaneous party in a hostel room… there are situations while traveling while music is just needed. Some of those little speakers are real sound wonders – and a perfect little christmas present as well // X-Mini
  3. Watch with World Time
    In times of us not leaving the house without smartphone, a watch seems kind of redundant, but it’s still a nice accessory and in most cases also waterproof. Plus the Casio World Time can tell you the times of 4 different places, so no more calculating if it is a suitable time for skyping right now // Casio
  4. Luggage Tag
    A luggage tag is not only functional as it contains your contact details in case your suitcase/backpack goes eventually missing, but it’s also a good recognition-accessory when there are again 10 black look-a-like suitcases on the baggage claim. Especially if it’s Karl… // Karl Lagerfeld
  5. Polaroid Camera
    Sooo vintage-retro-hipster, but so lovely as well. Having memories in your hand after some seconds of shaking (sh-sh-sh-shake it….) is great! You can give it to people you meet while traveling, send it home or just keep it in your personal travel-diary… The camera might be a bit bulky but in my opinion the experience is totally worth carrying it around. // Fujifilm
  6. Power Bar
    A dorm with 10 beds but just 2 plugs? A multiple-day hike within the wilderness? Or a layover in a country with unusual power oulets? There are many reasons why our energy-consuming electronic devices like smartphones or cameras run always out of power… good to have an extra-kick of battery with you, like in that pinky little power bar // Laser
  7. Swiss Knife
    A versatile and useful travel essential and a classic – no more words needed. Still not many girls have one… therefor a good christmas gift! // Victorinox
  8. Luggage Scale
    … because overweight baggage fees are just ridiculous expensive. With that little handy luggage scale one can keep track of how heavy your bag is… even when not flying – a nice reminder of traveling as light as possible // Travelon
  9. Travel Towel
    OMG – this is the best invention ever… forget those fuzzy oversized towels you had… microfibre towels are so tiny and dry so quickly that you will never wanna have something else. My mum gave me some before my current trip and I am so thankful // Micronet
  10. Headphones
    Sometimes you just need a break and time for yourself – be it in a party hostel or a crowded night train… headphones on and surrounding out – that works perfectly with the wireless Bose headphones // Bose
  11. World Map
    When not on the road, wanderluster always think about next destinations or where they have already been. Therefor a world map is a great christmas present for travel addicts – with the possibility to scratch out the countries you have already been to and dream about all the covered areas. // Poster Revolution
  12. Money
    It sounds stupid because nobody wants to hear that money is a good christmas present – but for people who travel as long as they are broke a litte financial support to get closer to their next goal is sometimes the best present (and it’s not heavy *haha*)

Do you have other gift ideas that could suit for travelers? And when your are traveling right now – how are you going to celebrate christmas?

I will spend christmas this year apart from my family, as I am currently traveling Australia and they are back in Germany. But I gonna be in the sun having a good time anyway.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you wherever your are in the world 🙂


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