Liebster Award: 10 questions


Normally I ignore every chain letter / chain e-mail / chain text etc. You know… those letters that promise a million dollar price if you forward it or those texts that threaten you will have bad luck if you break the chain… all bullshit. That’s why I love breaking the chain. And normally I wouldn’t reply to chain blogging either, but somehow I found it really sweet to get nominated by Sam from beachyhappiness for the ‘Liebster Award’ and this is kind of different as the idea of this system – to discover new blogs – is a really nice thing. So THANK YOU SAM for the award and your questions – here we go… 

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
I love the seasons, so it’s hard for me to just pick one of them. But when I’m in Berlin I would say Summer because the atmosphere in the city and the mood of the people are at its peak by then. Outdoor-Cinema, Rooftop-Drinks and Midnight-Strolls… just love it!

Call or Text?
I have to admit I’m a bit lazy with calling… sometimes it’s just easier for me to type a short message – even though speaking with each other its a lot more personal… I want to get better with that.

Release frustration or keep it to oneself?
I’m a believer in letting things out. If I’m really angry I’ll let people exactly know what frustrates me and we can solve the problem. Once I released my anger I feel so much better and I don’t bear any grudges.

Traveling alone or with someone else?
In the past years I discovered the advantages of traveling solo. You are so much more focussed on the things around you. Exploring places on my own gave me another perspective on traveling. Moreover you automatically get to know so much more people when you travel alone as you are more watchful (so you are not really alone). On the other hand traveling with someone gives you the great possibility to share experiences and moments, to inspire and support each other. So I like a mix of both.

Is it ok to complain about politics but don’t go to the polls?
General speaking: When you want to change something in life, you have to take action.

Is it alright to keep the small change instead of putting it in donation boxes for those in need? 
In my opinion there is no right or wrong. Maybe you keep your change as it is money you need yourself, but then help people in other ways. Donating should not be a compulsory or a social pressure – but as it lightens my wallet and is for a good purpose, I personally drop some coins in those boxes every now and then.

Is it okay to not speak to the person sitting next to you on a long-distance flight?
Sure! You booked a flight and not necessarily a smalltalk. But as you are often compelled to speak at least a few words (“can I please get out real quick?”) a subsequent conversation is likely and sometimes it’s not even too bad.

Is it ok to pee in the sea although there is a toilet at the beach nearby?
I’d rather prefer the toilet but if there is a huuuuge line… hmmm 😉

What defines a good blog?
Interesting topics, compelling vision and most of all – a good style of writing. I love to read well written blogposts and I admire the bloggers who are so virtuoso with their words.

Which topic would you like to write but about and why haven’t you done it yet?
I’d like to write more about personal experiences / feelings etc., but I just don’t know how to express myself with this yet. But I’m confident the more I am writing and getting familiar with my blog-baby, this will improve as well.

I now pass the ball to these 5 lovely blogs:
Cico Berlin
Merlin’s Südostasien Reiseblog
The Best End

Dear Bloggers, I would like to know more about you – so here are my 10 questions for you:
1. Backpack or suitcase?
2. Hotel or apartment?
3. Cooking at home or eating out in a restaurant?
4. Do you personally like bucket-lists / do you have one?
5. Where are you traveling next?
6. Where is your favorite place in the world?
7. What was your worst traveling experience?
8. What camera do you use for the pictures in your blog?
9. Do you thing ‘blogger’ is an actual job?
10. Which motivation drives you to write your blog?

I’m really curious to read your answers!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Liebster Award: 10 questions

  1. I’m all smiles now! Thank you for your nomination!!! And I have to say I really like your questions too, especially the bucket list one. 😉 I guess, you kinda know how we are going to answer that…
    Your answers were great. Good job with that!


    1. Oh I forgot the ‘rules’ 😀
      1. Link back to the blogger that nominated you.
      2. Answer the questions set by them.
      3. Nominate other new blogs in your post.
      4. Create your own questions.
      5. Notify the nominated blogs once you have published your Liebster post.

      I’m already curious about your post!! ❤


      1. Liebe Jasmin, ich habe mir auf meiner Reise einen Tag frei genommen um endlich Antworten zu können!! Ich hoffe das die deutschen Antworten auch okay sind und danke dir noch mal für deine Nominierung! Selbst dein Titelbild für den liebsten Award hab ich dir geklaut! Verzeihung!!!!!!
        Hat das geklappt mit dem verlinken? Ich mach das alles übers Handy – das ist echt kompliziert!!! 😅 Liebe Grüße


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