R U OK ?


The amazing thing about traveling is not only to meet new people, see new places, try new cuisines, and so on – you also get to know organisations and movements you have not heard of before. For example did I find out what ‘Movember’ is when I was in Sydney back in 2012. By then, this charity-initiative wasn’t widely known in Germany (at least I and also my friends had never heard of it), but in Australia it was already very big.

Now, 3 years later, I am back in Australia and today I heard the first time of ‘R U OK’.

What sounds so trivial is actually a great institution: their mission is to encourage people to ask more often meaningful (that’s important!!) if someone is okay. That could prevent more suicides caused by isolation, depression, burn-out-illness etc… such an important topic as the numbers of people affected are rising and depression sadly seems to be still a ‘taboo-topic’.

Today is the ‘RUOKday’ in Australia and as in many places in Down Under, there was also a big event on my university campus in Melbourne. With balloons, free coffee, posters and most of all many dedicaded, yellow-dressed volunteers, the organisation and their mission were made visible. ‘R U OK’ should remind all of us, how the simplicity of three little but significant words, can make a difference. We can make a difference by being more aware of our surrounding – not only by asking “Are you ok?”, but also by listening emphatically what and how people reply.

So, my dear family and friends and followers – R U OK?



4 thoughts on “R U OK ?

  1. Sounds like a great thing, people should definitely ask that much more often, but as you said, in a meaningful way. Not just an “Are u ok” with no empathy at all, where you just answer with a “sure”. This question should make you feel that there is someone really caring about you 🙂


    1. So true!! I think this is especially important in areas like the US or also Australia, as there the question is often more a cultural politeness and mostly hypothetical… Have a great day (and I hope to read soon from your next adventures!!) *Cheers

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