Liebster Award: 10 questions


Normally I ignore every chain letter / chain e-mail / chain text etc. You know… those letters that promise a million dollar price if you forward it or those texts that threaten you will have bad luck if you break the chain… all bullshit. That’s why I love breaking the chain. And normally I wouldn’t reply to chain blogging either, but somehow I found it really sweet to get nominated by Sam from beachyhappiness for the ‘Liebster Award’ and this is kind of different as the idea of this system – to discover new blogs – is a really nice thing. So THANK YOU SAM for the award and your questions – here we go…  Continue reading “Liebster Award: 10 questions”


Already 2 months in Oz – am I satisfied? // Dear Diary


What did I do in the past two months that I am in Melbourne already? I tend to say “not much”, but actually that’s not true. That’s just my always-driven, over-ambitious inner-me speaking. I always fear I am not experiencing enough… is that stupid?

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The St Kilda Awakening

IMG_8489I loved St Kilda from the first moment I came here, even though it was cold, rainy and windy and it seemed a bit died-out. But this place has something… not only because it is on the beach (which is a biiiig asset, though), but somehow it also has this special atmosphere and a turbulent past which is still in the air…
So being here in winter was already nice, but now St Kilda is waking up from its hibernation and thereby opens a new chapter.

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The Workers Club // POTW


This week’s “Place of the week” is a bar within the hip area Fitzroy (Collingwood), where regularly local and international bands play small live concerts – THE WORKERS CLUB
Mein “Place of the Week” ist diesmal eine Bar im hippen Stadtteil Fitzroy (Collingwood), in der regelmäßig kleine Live-Konzerte von lokalen und internationalen Band stattfinden – THE WORKERS CLUB

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R U OK ?


The amazing thing about traveling is not only to meet new people, see new places, try new cuisines, and so on – you also get to know organisations and movements you have not heard of before. For example did I find out what ‘Movember’ is when I was in Sydney back in 2012. By then, this charity-initiative wasn’t widely known in Germany (at least I and also my friends had never heard of it), but in Australia it was already very big.

Now, 3 years later, I am back in Australia and today I heard the first time of ‘R U OK’.

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Why there are NO bad bucket lists…

BucketListSome weeks ago the travel blogger Dan from ‘This World Rocks’ posted an article about bucket lists, where he judges them pretty harshly and even strikes out at the people who put popular sights or activities on their travel schedule. And even though his post is quiet entertaining (it went viral for a reason) and some points might be true, one thing he said just made me so furious…!

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The (shopping) heart of Melbourne // POTW


Is it a palace? Is it a museum? No, it is a fashion store! The former post office right in the middle of Melbourne’s city center CBD is probably the most splendid store in town – although the label within is no luxury brand…
Ist es ein Palast? Ist es ein Museum? Nein, es ist ein Fashionstore! Das ehemalige Postamt inmitten Melbourne’s Innenstadt CBD ist vielleicht das prunkvollste Geschäft der Stadt – und das Modelabel darin ist keine Luxusmarke…

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